Today my hair has horns


I have missed this blogging activity, generally using the excuse that I have no time what with pursuing my degree and all, but it occurs to me that if I have time to play Sugar Smash, I have time for this.

After completing the transition to gray hair, which I’ve documented, I decided to go from shorty-short to longish. It was a pretty grueling process, because growing out a pixie cut is not for sissies. There are long periods of just awful. In those dark times, I was glad that I work from home (ish) because very few people had to bear witness to the mop on my head, but later it was pretty OK, i.e.,

2014-10-27 18.10.36

This is actually pretty cute. and I liked it for a while.

Then there was this:

2015-06-13 09.19.40


This shit needed desperately to be cut; it wanted to be a mullet, and the mullet must be avoided at all costs. Amazingly enough, it was 3 months before I actually did anything about this mess. But when I did, it became this.


2015-09-14 13.01.23

This was really quite good for a long time (I actually ended up going 9 months without a haircut after this one. I literally cannot remember a time in my life before this cut that my hair was all 1 length.

But then I hit the wall that I hit when my hair is too long. It breaks a lot because it’s too skinny to support it’s own weight (weakling hair), and to keep it off my face, I just end up pulling it back into a ponytail all the time. Which is both boring and not a great look for me. This is what it looked like on Sunday, the last day it was longish (shoulder length is quite long for me).


2016-05-15 17.08.33

The before

Yes, I snapchatted it. I was having a decent hair day and I knew it was coming off. Later that day, I snapped this picture.

2016-05-15 16.47.31

The after

Much better. The hair anyway; my lipstick game needs work.

I’ve made this trip from longish or sometimes medium length hair to super short several times, and I honestly cannot remember the number of times I’ve asked a stylist to give me Demi Moore’s hair from Ghost (it’s a big number), but there are a few things that I have to relearn every single time I make this kind of cut.

  1. For the first week, I will automatically squeeze out about 4 times as much shampoo and 8 times as much conditioner as I need. Then I will stand in the shower for a moment, looking at too much product in my hand, mentally kicking myself.
  2. Bending over and wrapping a big towel around my head turban style is just silly.
  3. The more product I use to make this hair length more fun (and I use a lot of products), the more epic the bed head I will have the next morning.
  4. If I don’t apply a little bit of at least finger combing when it’s wet, no amount of product will prevent the horns from forming. Today I have horns that are coated in spray, wax, and whatever else I could find. The horns do not care; they are sticking out proudly.

In other news, I am now 4 courses away from a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Informatics from Western Governors University-Washington. It’s going to take me 2-1/2 years to go from transfer credits for precisely 2 classes to full-blown college graduate. I pretty quickly realized once I started that I had missed being in a learning environment, and this program let me work at my own pace, so I basically smashed my way through the first 18 months. The last couple of terms are slower going, but that’s mostly my choice. The upper division classes have more new-to-me information, so the reading is not something I can skip and feel OK about, so I’ve slowed down to absorb more.

Next up after the BS: First taking the RHIA (Registered Health Information Administrator) exam. Then I’m 98% sure that I’ll be pursuing an MBA in Healthcare Management also at WGU. I wasn’t sure about a graduate degree at first, but it feels like a good idea and a good fit.

About Connie Race

Living in the Pacific Northwest, emptying the nest, single, overweight, allowing myself to be naturally gray (no more dye jobs), and working on a career change. Obviously, this calls for a new blog in which I reinvent myself at 49. (Except now I'm 51, yikes)
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2 Responses to Today my hair has horns

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  2. Stacie Hoskins says:

    Your hair looks great. I have to keep mine short too because it’s so fine. I’ve tried two or three times to grow it out to shoulder-length, but it just ends up being awful. Best of luck with your remaining courses! ~StacieH (ADWOFF)

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