Change is Hard

Going gray was totally not enough to change my life (surprise, surprise). After 4 interviews, no new job, and general unhappiness with my situation, I knew it was time for a more drastic change. Still gray, but now checking another of the “things I want to do in this life” box. As of July 1, I have reentered the life of a student, and I will get my degree this time. I’m getting a BS in Health Informatics (and I know that plenty of people have no idea what that is; it’s an IT degree with a healthcare focus) via Western Governors University. I am very excited about this, and did enough research to know I made the right choice for my school. The school’s tagline says it all: Online. Accelerated. Affordable. Accredited.  My program comes with several IT certifications, and 6 weeks into my first 6-month term, I have completed 2 of the 4 classes to meet the minimum for the term. At this rate, I can graduate in 2-1/2 years and that is starting with transfer credits for a grand total of 2 classes; I am essentially doing the entire program start to finish, and I am kicking ass.

On the other hand, I’m still not happy in my current job, and I’m looking for a new one, but I’m looking at other transcription jobs for the time being. We’ll see how that goes. I know that in the long run, the degree will help me get out of the house, and maybe I can get out of the house before I actually graduate, but my current situation is untenable in the long run, so clearly I have to do something.

And I’ve achieved nothing in terms of weight loss. That’s the thing I’m probably most unhappy about. Oddly enough, if I actually try and not just pay lip service to the notion, it’s the one thing I can do something about the most quickly. I still hate tracking food, which makes me bitter and resentful, but I did get a FitBit (and I was using a smart phone pedometer app for a bit before that, but it wasn’t accurate enough), and I’m so hyper-competitive that it’s making me move more. I even have the Wii controllers recharging now (which hasn’t been done for months) so that I can make use of that and not have it be a $200 dust collector anymore.

Finally, I will be blogging with my friend, Lindsay (she’s made of awesome) about our Knit Along which is taking place while she is in Japan and I am here. We’re at Yarn Over An Ocean if you’re interested. So far, there’s 1 post, but more will come.

About Connie Race

Living in the Pacific Northwest, emptying the nest, single, overweight, allowing myself to be naturally gray (no more dye jobs), and working on a career change. Obviously, this calls for a new blog in which I reinvent myself at 49. (Except now I'm 51, yikes)
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