No More Dye (17 weeks)

No More Dye (17 weeks)

Final haircut after the decision made not to dye. This is 17 weeks, so less than half the length of a full-term pregnancy since the last time I dyed my hair. It feels great to be free of the every 6-week cycle of cut and color and the constant worry every time an event comes up as to where in the root/dye continuum I would be.

Meanwhile, in other matters, I’ve had a grand total of 2 job interviews and 0 offers, but I’m dealing with that disappointment, moving on, and filling out more applications. I even worked out today. It might be nuts to view it in these terms, but with having the last dye out of my hair finally, it feels like now is a really good time to get on with the other changes that I want to make.

About Connie Race

Living in the Pacific Northwest, emptying the nest, single, overweight, allowing myself to be naturally gray (no more dye jobs), and working on a career change. Obviously, this calls for a new blog in which I reinvent myself at 49. (Except now I'm 51, yikes)
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7 Responses to No More Dye (17 weeks)

  1. lindahensens says:

    You can DO this, Connie! I have faith! Your hair looks great!

  2. Sharon M. says:

    The hair looks great! As far as other changes – I’m rooting for you!

  3. Diana Philpot says:

    You looook mahvelous! Seriously. If this feels like a weight lifted, imagine how great you’ll feel about the other changes that you’re pursuing! Go Connie!

  4. Carol says:

    You are rocking the grey.

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