Color my world

No, not the Chicago song, although I do love it (because I am of an age where it’s a classic to me). This post is about changing my wardrobe to match the new hair. I have found this can be a controversial notion. From what I’ve seen, particularly in discussions on the knitting site Ravelry, there is a sizable percentage of women (and probably men, too, but that’s not the point) who dress themselves only in colors that they like or that make them happy with absolutely no regard for how those colors make them look.

Personally, I love bright orange and many shades of yellow; they’re such happy colors. Tragically, I have no yellow undertones in my skin, and those colors, at least if worn next to my face, make me look awful. Ditto with most colors with appellations like dusty, heathered, tweedy, or country. The dulling of bright colors by adding beige or gray undertones is quite simply not flattering to me. If you go by seasonal terms, I’m a winter. I can wear pure white next to my face, and it looks good. I can wear really deep purples, blues, and greens (which is handy because I love those colors, too). Red can be tricky for me; a true red or a red that’s more to the purple/blue side of the spectrum can look great, but more orange/yellow reds don’t flatter me. With the natural hair color of my youth (as opposed to the natural color of now), I could wear pastel tones of the basic colors that look good on me. These days, pastels make me look washed out, and I practically disappear.

Now, if I were an introvert, I might dress in pastels and shades of beige, greige (gross) and mousy brown, but that’s really not me. Which means, that I’m going through my closets lately and this time, instead of just tossing clothes that don’t fit or are from a different decade, I’m tossing pastels, off-whites, and most earth tones (not that there are a lot of those).

If you’re wondering what your season might be, Color Me Beautiful, and Pretty Your World have quizzes. Color Me Beautiful is more established and has 4 seasons, which can be limiting. Pretty Your World believes we have 12 seasons and that even though I’m basically a Winter, I can wear some Autumn colors, which kind of explains why really deep chocolate brown and olive drab (like my Air Force fatigues which were very flattering on me) are colors that I can wear even though they’re not typical winter colors.

If you’d rather wear colors that make you happy, that’s cool, but for me, looking the best I can in what I’m wearing makes me happier than looking at my shirt all day. Which is why sometimes you might catch me wearing yellow or orange socks with my deep purple T-shirt.

About Connie Race

Living in the Pacific Northwest, emptying the nest, single, overweight, allowing myself to be naturally gray (no more dye jobs), and working on a career change. Obviously, this calls for a new blog in which I reinvent myself at 49. (Except now I'm 51, yikes)
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2 Responses to Color my world

  1. Diana Philpot says:

    I’ll have to check out these 2 sites and see where I am. I know what colors I like, and I know what colors get me compliments. Probably some truth somewhere in there.

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