It’s not just my hair that’s changing

I’m also working on weight loss. Quite frankly, a lot of weight loss. Like so much weight that it’s a little overwhelming.

So I’m exercising and working on eating in a more healthy (and less emotional) way. I eat every single thing I feel, and since I feel a lot of things, I tend to eat way too much. I think that part of why weight loss has been hard for me to achieve and maintain is that weighing this much serves me on some level. It keeps me kind of invisible out in the world. And while my personality isn’t one that wants to be invisible, I’ve been very screwed over, relationship-wise, in the past, and it feels very comfortable for the most part not to be noticed by men. Let’s face it, the phrase “no fat chicks” isn’t a cliche because it’s not true. On the other hand, I like men. I kind of miss having one around, even if I don’t really want to share the remote control or my bathroom with one.

More importantly, carrying all this extra weight makes me feel like crap a lot of time. I’m tired. I don’t move well or gracefully. My knees and my back hurt. I am, quite frankly, over it, but I’ve been this way for so long that my bad habits are ingrained. I’m really going to have to work hard to change them.


I checked this book out of the library yesterday to see if it can help me change. When it comes to eating, changing one thing at a time may be the way to go.

I also have this book.


I got this a while ago, and it has a self-hypnosis CD which I have used with some benefit. Frankly, I really like McKenna’s thoughts about food. I’ll count calories or points or servings or whatever for a little while, but then I start to resent it. I’m really unwilling to spend the rest of my life documenting every little piece of food or drink I put in my mouth. I have much, much better things to do. I’m reading Change One now (or will be later today) to see if it’s something that I think I can do long term. If I think it is, I’ll see about getting a copy for my permanent collection. If not, then I’ll send it back to the library, no harm, no foul.

I know that I have to exercise, too, but weight loss is 70% about what you eat. Maintenance of weight loss and general health are more about exercise, but actually losing weight is so much more about food than movement. The older I get, the more I see that. In my youth, I would have scoffed at the notion, but now I know that it’s true.  I am exercising, primarily with DDP Yoga, which I’m really enjoying. No impact, cardio, strength, and none of the spirituality that comes with traditional yoga (not that I object to spirituality in general, but I’m an atheist, so it’s sort of lost on me). Watch the video of Arthur Boorman’s transformation, which is on the first page of the site and all over YouTube and Facebook, and you might be inspired, too.

Meanwhile, it’s time to go do something productive.


About Connie Race

Living in the Pacific Northwest, emptying the nest, single, overweight, allowing myself to be naturally gray (no more dye jobs), and working on a career change. Obviously, this calls for a new blog in which I reinvent myself at 49. (Except now I'm 51, yikes)
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4 Responses to It’s not just my hair that’s changing

  1. Diana Philpot says:

    I can understand your appreciation for DDP Yoga. I’ve checked out the website and it certainly looks like a serious workout! Inspiring, actually.

  2. Connie Race says:

    It’s pretty amazing. I feel powerful during and after each workout.

  3. Suzanne McNamara says:

    How much strain on your back? I mean from the DPP yoga. Nice Blog BTW!

    • Connie Race says:

      Thanks, Suz! I have felt no strain on my back at all. It’s a truly zero-impact workout which is great. In fact, the video of Arthur Boorman that I referenced shows how he went from a guy who literally couldn’t walk without knee braces and crutches (back injury from too many times jumping as a paratrooper) to full mobility and flexibility. He’s amazing and a good inspiration for any former military type who’s not sure about yoga.

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